DOORBELL | 'What's Wrong With People?' Special

Who even uses a doorbell these days?


  1. Subtle Nature

    Subtle Nature2 hours ago

    I love dis guy!

  2. cynthia corona

    cynthia coronaDay ago

    No cake no Santa. The best

  3. Annie A

    Annie A4 days ago

    now when my door bell rings it means there's a package, how it should be😌

  4. Vertically Challenged

    Vertically Challenged4 days ago

    Love this one!! This one, they jury duty one, the gas station one, the supermarket one, Uber, and the gym one is my favorite so far.

  5. Common Sense

    Common Sense5 days ago

    i watched this 10 times so far. everytime i feel watching for the first time.

  6. francois demorcy

    francois demorcy5 days ago

    Spot on. He kill

  7. Lisa Beckstrom

    Lisa Beckstrom6 days ago

    I know what Sanka is. So funny 😄 so true!! Haha!

  8. Tim Talton

    Tim Talton6 days ago

    No cake, no sanka. 😂😂

  9. Freddy P

    Freddy P8 days ago

    Who else hides in the bathroom when someone knocks at the door, and slowly picks thru the window to see who is there? 👀😂

  10. Malvora Tempest

    Malvora Tempest8 days ago

    I have a history of army crawling because my parents were geniuses and decided it’d be a great idea to have a giant clear glass window IN the door and most of the time I would just be in my pajamas. Most of the time my parents weren’t even there, and I didn’t want anyone to know that I was there. Did I mention that I have anxiety? (From my fucked up parents-not strangers, ironically.)

  11. Nancy Pike

    Nancy Pike8 days ago

    OMGosh this is hilarious 😆 sad though because I do remember those days and I miss that

  12. Mike Roberti

    Mike Roberti9 days ago

    Those crap muffins, they’re for YOU people

  13. Dan Cooper

    Dan Cooper9 days ago

    0:41 I thought he said: ”Just send one representative to the door”

  14. melissa ribeiro

    melissa ribeiro14 days ago

    Sanka at my grandparents house, Maxwell house at my folks' place. Sara Lee was in the freezer. Godmother always put out a spread tho!!!

  15. Seletar Roots

    Seletar Roots16 days ago

    There is at least one woman in there who is having an absolutely terrific time of her life...

  16. Best 4Last

    Best 4Last17 days ago

    Lol i am macedonian and we are sooo alike lol too funny! 😂👍🏼

  17. Ella-Shanie Orbach

    Ella-Shanie Orbach17 days ago

    One of the funniest skits ever!

  18. It'z Ebony :3

    It'z Ebony :317 days ago

    3:57 I would be that person not hearing the doorbell

  19. joshua ricotta

    joshua ricotta17 days ago

    what miserable bastiches put a thumbs down this?!

  20. Maria Cardenas

    Maria Cardenas17 days ago

    That’s Sounds Familar

  21. simon madi

    simon madi18 days ago

    One of my mom's relatives use to come over unannounced,and just hang out. One time he hung out for about 8 hours. We didn't mind having him there,he was entertaining. He had a wife and children,so he wasn't alone and bored at home. I have a friend who does that to me,just comes over without telling me first. I don't mind she's gorgeous and I love her,so I really enjoy her company.

  22. Magda Belden

    Magda Belden20 days ago

    I saw him in New York I died laughing 😆

  23. momonyak

    momonyak20 days ago

    So what the hell is Sanka?

  24. Keith Starnes

    Keith Starnes19 days ago

    Coffee that came in an orange tin can... Old school stuff...

  25. Saber is love, Saber is life

    Saber is love, Saber is life20 days ago

    So accurate. Back in the good old days.

  26. Taylor Wendt

    Taylor Wendt21 day ago

    🤣🤣🤣" Get the sword" lol, " What the hell is going on", "get the hell down, somebodys outside"

  27. Bill Monte

    Bill Monte21 day ago

    Those were great times!

  28. klam77

    klam7721 day ago

    We the sheeple have been manipulated DOWN over the generations...we are stressed, inhuman, computer hooked, test tube life forms now.

  29. Kim Hanna

    Kim Hanna21 day ago

    This one never gets old. Sooo funny and true!

  30. pamela morrison

    pamela morrison21 day ago

    Call from the driveway lol😂😂😂

  31. Steven

    Steven22 days ago

    So true man.... Darn thats funny!

  32. Aaron L

    Aaron L22 days ago

    If you're wondering, yes, that one lady in the video (you know the lady) did ultimately die from laughter.

  33. Nicole Rutledge

    Nicole Rutledge22 days ago

    It's my life story lmao❤❤❤❤💋😓💋😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂gotta luv him

  34. Kyle Wagner

    Kyle Wagner23 days ago

    There's always has to be some lady in the crowd with the overly loud "look at me" laugh.

  35. smart man

    smart man23 days ago

    i was born in the 80s happy old days nothing like 80 s 90 s

  36. Nick Brown

    Nick Brown24 days ago

    This joke made him famous

  37. Barbie G

    Barbie G24 days ago

    This is how it was at my house when I was growing up. Ah, the good ol' days ❤️

  38. Crow T. Robot

    Crow T. Robot24 days ago

    Anybody end up looking up what Sanka is? Nah me neither. K bye..

  39. Magda Belden

    Magda Belden25 days ago

    OMG I’m laughing so hard.

  40. Josh Waller

    Josh Waller26 days ago

    Dude when he said “IS THAT YOUR MOTHER WITH A SWORD???!!!” I absolutely yelled laughing

  41. Sean DeRoos

    Sean DeRoos26 days ago

    It's the kids in socks sliding up to the door for me hahah. Love Sebastian. He's got something special.

  42. oakpkdude

    oakpkdude26 days ago

    My mom was telling me that back in the 50's in the Bronx, Saturday was the day that people dropped by for a quick visit and the visitors always brought a cake. She said one Saturday evening my Dad pointed out that they had 5 half eaten cakes on the counter.

  43. Oh No

    Oh No27 days ago

    I got nothing for these people!

  44. Diane Perez

    Diane Perez27 days ago


  45. Brantley

    Brantley28 days ago

    Don't nobody answer that phone. We got company.

  46. Brooke Nation

    Brooke Nation28 days ago

    I love him. He keeps me laughing


    MR MILFMANZ28 days ago

    My favourite of all time

  48. Timothy Fair

    Timothy Fair28 days ago


  49. Powerswish

    Powerswish28 days ago

    Sanka reference is the best.

  50. Donna Shinall

    Donna Shinall28 days ago

    My sisters know me...I'm the perfect hostess when the visit is planned. Show up're bound to get your feelings hurt. I don't play that.

  51. Connie

    Connie29 days ago

    Doesnt get any better this hidden gem .

  52. Jim Porter

    Jim Porter29 days ago

    This was _exactly_ how it used to be.

  53. UnNamed Beast

    UnNamed BeastMonth ago

    This is funny yet hits home at the same time. I am not a people person but in the old days, playing or going outside was the thing. Now, no one wants to do it anymore

  54. Mark Ross

    Mark RossMonth ago

    So right!

  55. rjb555

    rjb555Month ago

    We've poisoned an entire generation of kids with vaccines. We've destroyed everyone's health.

  56. Jeffrey Lebowski

    Jeffrey Lebowski20 days ago


  57. Katie Grooms

    Katie GroomsMonth ago

    I was alive throughout the 90s, and that was really the last of this. Once we hit 2000 it was like no one ever talked about “having company” anymore

  58. Free As A Butterfly

    Free As A ButterflyMonth ago

    So true but I always did look dad said look before you open the door I am a firm believer in that.

  59. Ethan Pintar

    Ethan PintarMonth ago

    It's weird to think about how recently things were different... like less than 10 years ago I was playing Wii every day and no one my age had a phone. Stuff changes so quickly and we don't realize it in the moment.

  60. Widowmaker10k

    Widowmaker10kMonth ago

    My father would pull out some coffee and fernet branca, now that’s old school

  61. Jonathan Rios

    Jonathan RiosMonth ago

    When my dogs bark I'm like oh no who's here......

  62. Bulletproof Babe

    Bulletproof BabeMonth ago

    The doorbell is broken you have to yell DING DONG really loud

  63. Mimsy Adamson

    Mimsy AdamsonMonth ago

    Absolutely loving the woman laughing in the background ... you CANNOT MISS her! LOL

  64. Rosemary Shumway

    Rosemary ShumwayMonth ago

    You are amazing. My grandma had Sanka n Sarah Lee cake. I laughed so hard but had some years. I was born in 1953. I so loved the late 50's n 60's. The memories are so wonderful. Thanks for the laughs ❤️😘

  65. Ardi P.

    Ardi P.Month ago

    So true..not just for US but any other country as well. Things have changed now.

  66. Dk Nurul

    Dk NurulMonth ago

    2:12 ME LOL 😂😂

  67. Valorie Bracken

    Valorie BrackenMonth ago

    He’s hilarious 😆

  68. Anna

    AnnaMonth ago

    God dam ur on point with everything

  69. Patrick S

    Patrick SMonth ago

    This is SO true. Came from an Italian family and was exactly like this.

  70. clcconsulting

    clcconsultingMonth ago

    Any...and I mean ANY time I need a laugh...I come here for the Sanka ☕️ 🤣

  71. Patrick Gaghen

    Patrick GaghenMonth ago

    So very true!!

  72. Cheezy Poofs

    Cheezy PoofsMonth ago

    I jist moved into a new house in a new state yesterday. I'm not even a minute into this and my doorbell rang! Company! New neighbor saying hi!😄

  73. Sally Smith

    Sally SmithMonth ago

    Lol same story but with a twist, that I'm indian and we had good treats for the guest to eat and cheap stuff for the kids. 🤣🤣🤣

  74. HelloJenni23

    HelloJenni23Month ago

    Go get the sword 🤣🤣 that's 100% my boyfriend omg lmao

  75. LionBraveHeart Gaming

    LionBraveHeart GamingMonth ago

    Reminds me of Howard Wolowitz

  76. Trottotrot

    TrottotrotMonth ago

    You know he might, in 10 years, fall from grace like "Dice" Clay but im watching this everytime i see it asvertised for me. Not ashamed

  77. pizzaguy7

    pizzaguy7Month ago

    ... it reminds me of the days when i was young and a party would sprout from nothing, and people would fill the house and i would watch that, feeling very happy !!

  78. pizzaguy7

    pizzaguy7Month ago

    .. i have to admit, Sanka is my favorite coffee !

  79. clcconsulting

    clcconsultingMonth ago

    Wants some Sanka?

  80. Ginger Rose

    Ginger RoseMonth ago

    He makes me feel good. Oh I love his clothes!

  81. Awas

    AwasMonth ago

    😁😁😁soooo trueeeee...😂😂😂!!

  82. Nora Mero

    Nora MeroMonth ago

    I remember sliding in my socks lol 😅 and was that kid who never knew what was happening 🤣



    Omg that is so my wife and I

  84. DJ Maxx Saint

    DJ Maxx SaintMonth ago

    Pre-Flip Phone Era where people weren’t glued to the damn phone. I remember this word for word. Awesome memories.

  85. Barta Bhaus

    Barta BhausMonth ago

    Those times will never come back, get used to getting your dose of warmth and comfort from social media

  86. Lisa S

    Lisa SMonth ago

    I wonder how comedians feel about the really loud laugher?

  87. Koop Pushin

    Koop PushinMonth ago


  88. Human 101

    Human 101Month ago

    As a child in the 70's i remember the rare times someone would visit our home and my dad always ruining it by yelling in his horrendous hate voice at someone or something , mostly us kids. Not too many people visited - my dad ruined our lives for years Now how about a LoL just for the passing of time

  89. Jeffrey Lebowski

    Jeffrey Lebowski20 days ago

    You should get some help

  90. Tess Silba

    Tess SilbaMonth ago

    Here is more positive information about pandemics.

  91. Jeffrey Lebowski

    Jeffrey Lebowski20 days ago

    Fuck you & your Bible

  92. Raven Rose

    Raven RoseMonth ago

    I loved Friday nights! My Aunt used to pop over with cake! Not every Friday,but it was a Happy time In my life. Good 'ok days!

  93. Ravenna

    RavennaMonth ago

    God I miss company!! Those were the days. I grew up in an Italian American family too..Yes..we had Sanka..and there were always goodies

  94. Langi Beats

    Langi BeatsMonth ago

    That way he went back into the doorbell bit was 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  95. John Doe

    John Doe2 months ago

    Does anyone realize how sad it actually is? 😂 everyone paranoid af thanks media

  96. Jeffrey Lebowski

    Jeffrey Lebowski20 days ago

    Yeah the media. You’re an asshole

  97. Alex Braun

    Alex Braun2 months ago

    I cannot understand how it is that I keep coming back to the same sketches and keep laughing my head off every time...genius.

  98. Bruna B

    Bruna B2 months ago

    I love it. He describes it exactly right like our world was before, and today. Love Sanka coffee. Good old Days.

  99. Heather Remlin

    Heather Remlin2 months ago

    Boy how things have changed, seriously! We are living in a different world 😞

  100. Carla

    Carla2 months ago


  101. Kate Carter

    Kate Carter2 months ago

    I’m getting choked up reading these responses all. Who knew we’d be so romantic about being latchkey kids in our 40s. I was pissed for years about the autonomy I had. I felt adrift-left out to the wolves, but I just feel very sad for these youngsters growing up now. It doesn’t feel like they get to be kids and suffer in the good ways we did 😉-

  102. Kelly Fis6her

    Kelly Fis6her2 months ago

    If you watch the Mouse Utopia Experiments you'll realize he is explaining the apathy that set into the mice when their society collapsed.

  103. P G

    P G2 months ago

    This is the dystopian technocracy that Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg have so graciously ushered into our pitifully-paranoid existence. Let us return to the good ol' days

  104. Bill Neill

    Bill Neill2 months ago

    THIS!!! This was my house growing up but more like 35-40 years ago! Absolutely perfect description of what it used to be like! Sanka!! Coffee cake/crumb cake because everyone used to smoke and drink coffee after dinner when my parents' friends would stop by (totally unplanned). My kids got a kick out of this too!

  105. landsurfer

    landsurfer2 months ago

    So fucking true. Hilarious.