Going For Dinner at a Strangers House... | 'WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?' Special


  1. Bob Dylan

    Bob Dylan7 hours ago

    It's like he's moon dancing

  2. Jim Rafferty

    Jim Rafferty12 hours ago

    That's because the husband was "coached" by his wife to go answer the door as a couple -

  3. DarkestKnight

    DarkestKnightDay ago

    I've had people ask me to take my shoes off when their floor is dirty AF, then have to put my shoes back on later with pet hair and God knows what else matted to my socks. Now I gotta put that shit into my new shoes, thanks.

  4. Sayit AsItIs

    Sayit AsItIs2 days ago

    These 'brain-walk' comedians are getting popular and the thing is non-one can be offended (unless it was me). I have never been asked to take my shoes off at someones house, but then I don't get invited anywhere thank kfuc.

  5. Gearhead47

    Gearhead473 days ago

    Reminds me of the scene in Donnie Brasco where he wouldnt take his boots off at the restaurant

  6. Olivia B

    Olivia B6 days ago

    Americans and their disgusting wearing of shoes in the house, on the bed 🤢 I admit, its annoying during an adult party and for women especially to take off your shoes.

  7. Margaret Mosca

    Margaret Mosca6 days ago

    Best comedian ever

  8. TigerGamez

    TigerGamez7 days ago

    No shoes inside is actually a normal thing here in Canada. Every house I've been to you take your shoes off inside. Even with hard wood floors. I don't understand why it feels weird.

  9. nystagmus

    nystagmus7 days ago

    No idea why but his shoes and his outfit make him look 4ft tall

  10. ontariobuds

    ontariobuds7 days ago

    I love food. And right now I’m starving, I haven’t eaten since my last meal.

  11. Matthew Christie

    Matthew Christie11 days ago

    3:33 "Four guys in a sock circle..." Me: Sounds like a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert

  12. Tony Dark

    Tony Dark12 days ago

    He's fuckin great!

  13. juan pineiro

    juan pineiro12 days ago

    Still haven’t met anyone with white carpet , but the shoes will stay on .....

  14. Matty C

    Matty C12 days ago

    What’s with Americans and wearing shoes inside

  15. Matty C

    Matty C7 days ago

    Nah, America is suckin real hard right now like real real hard lol cry some more “free world” not enough selections at the grocery story or somethin?

  16. Matty C

    Matty C7 days ago

    @Phil McCrevice lol 😂

  17. Phil McCrevice

    Phil McCrevice7 days ago

    What's with the rest of the world sucking?

  18. Audrey Laroux

    Audrey Laroux17 days ago

    Omg this never gets old I die of laughter every time 😂😂😂😂😂

  19. Asking Why is Free

    Asking Why is Free19 days ago

    comedians reveal the inner thoughts of people. it's good for society to be honest.

  20. AvengeVoltaire

    AvengeVoltaire21 day ago

    bill buhr

  21. smart man

    smart man22 days ago

    if sombody tell me pls take of your shoes i leave right there thanks man thanks

  22. Amy Woolf

    Amy Woolf22 days ago

    Why you got white carpet? Why?

  23. Donald Villella

    Donald Villella23 days ago

    "What do you think...about putting some SOCKS on?" Finally...someone gets me...

  24. Riley Bonse

    Riley Bonse26 days ago

    This comedy is so original

  25. JakeTheSnake

    JakeTheSnake27 days ago

    He looks like a cross between Ben Stiller and Jerry Seinfeld, and he sounds like a classic mobster. I like it.

  26. Ruza Hel

    Ruza Hel28 days ago

    I dunno, the no shoes rule is pretty normal. I don’t sleep with my shoes on, I don’t walk around at home with my dirty shoes. Maybe offer slippers but that’s it.

  27. Pam Bradley

    Pam Bradley29 days ago

    LOLOL his big toe was headed for the kitchen!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  28. Jason Barefoot

    Jason BarefootMonth ago

    Hey now....I'm the barefoot guy in the skit! lol

  29. Lance Lote

    Lance LoteMonth ago

    Hello Sebastian... can I invite you for dinner ???

  30. Tuhi Tuhi

    Tuhi TuhiMonth ago

    Start wearing nice socks

  31. waheeda mohammed

    waheeda mohammedMonth ago


  32. Ethan Pintar

    Ethan PintarMonth ago

    He's dressed like a butler from the future

  33. Ethan Pintar

    Ethan PintarMonth ago

    This guy moves like a flamingo

  34. Derick spawn

    Derick spawnMonth ago


  35. ngc22072001

    ngc22072001Month ago

    His big toe was headed for the kitchen, lol👍

  36. LouisAWheatJr

    LouisAWheatJrMonth ago

    This guy's big toe looked like it was headed for the kitchen. Lol

  37. SheRa17

    SheRa17Month ago


  38. Rain Martin

    Rain MartinMonth ago

    They should get this guy on Curb

  39. Adrixn

    AdrixnMonth ago

    The Michael Jackson of comedy 😆👌🏼

  40. silver76

    silver76Month ago

    I'm Arabic culcher we dont were shoes in the house, sooo sad you

  41. Andy

    AndyMonth ago

    You could be in trouble in Hungary. It's disrespectful if you don't take your shoes off. We always taking off them in the house. ,😂

  42. Valorie Bracken

    Valorie BrackenMonth ago

    A sock 🧦 circle ⭕️ lol 😂

  43. plee227

    plee227Month ago

    I know this is stand up.. but is it really gross to go barefoot?? I love it

  44. Travis A

    Travis AMonth ago

    Wearing shoes inside is fucking disgraceful

  45. donny hud43987

    donny hud43987Month ago

    lmao!! love this guy!

  46. Starling Swallow

    Starling SwallowMonth ago

    "Why'd you come to the door as a couple?!" "Well, *you* did!" 😂😂😂😂😂

  47. onefour14

    onefour14Month ago

    unbearably unfunny lol

  48. Jerry Traveler

    Jerry TravelerMonth ago

    I wnet to a party once.They asked me to remove my shoes. I looked at my wife and said call me whne you are ready to leave I will come back and pick you up. I turned around went back to my car and drove off. Needless to say I was never invited to another party where shoes had to be taken off. You come into my my house I could give a fuck if you were wearing horse shit covered boots. I would clean up after you left. It is very importnat to me for you to be comfortable in my house.

  49. Denial - HX5

    Denial - HX513 days ago

    damn, didnt know taking your fucking shoes off was such a huge pain staking task, must be ohh so painful those few seconds you take your shoes off to get into bed huh? Damn. How do you even survive..

  50. Mr Crocodile Alligator Man1938

    Mr Crocodile Alligator Man1938Month ago

    If I met another grown man bare foot I would’ve thrown up

  51. Diamond Joop

    Diamond JoopMonth ago

    THE BEST!!!


    BROTHER TNMonth ago

    I never invite people over because asking them to take off their dirty ass shoes is too offensive to visitors and it’s just awkward 😹😹😹

  53. Bowser jr

    Bowser jrMonth ago

    He look like Ben stiller wit Kramer from Seinfeld vibes and Adam Sandler jokes

  54. Connie Peterson

    Connie PetersonMonth ago

    His RBF looks like Reverend Jim

  55. K. O.

    K. O.Month ago

    Being from Canada, who the hell wears shoes in the house?!

  56. Sabina Guner

    Sabina GunerMonth ago

    Or mario cuomo s brother lol

  57. HelloJenni23

    HelloJenni23Month ago

    Omfg 🤣

  58. Lilliana Linares

    Lilliana LinaresMonth ago

    What the fuck did you just tell me to do?😂😂

  59. Josh DeYoung

    Josh DeYoungMonth ago

    #dad can you please remove your shoes?

  60. ds525252

    ds525252Month ago

    Being Hispanic every time I hear someone mocking my heritage I laugh so hard, because it’s all true😂🤣😂. I do not speak Spanish but I believe Chingadera pretty much means “that Fking Sht” in slang. Or that watchamacall it! I’m sure a Spanish speaker will correct me🤣😂. Love Sebastian!! What a talent.

  61. Italian Troutaholic

    Italian TroutaholicMonth ago

    you guys talk about socks and sock styles??..

  62. rubynovel

    rubynovelMonth ago


  63. J

    JMonth ago

    It's the other way around in Europe, we all take of our shoes inside the house

  64. N.D West

    N.D WestMonth ago

    There's all kind of nastiness on the ground, how could anyone in their right mind think it's ok to track all that shit in someone's house, especially your own??! You can keep your shoes on but you're going to have to turn around and go home. And for all those who say it's no big deal: I visited a friend for the first time and she said I could keep my shoes on but out of habit I took them off - I threw my socks out after.

  65. 0

    0Month ago

    Ed Sullivan meets Joe Pesci.................

  66. Rowan Edy

    Rowan EdyMonth ago

    The resounding "shoe farm" was a sign of pure comedy gold.

  67. Brit Ann

    Brit AnnMonth ago

    Ifs bizarre that anyone would wear shoes in side in the first place We go barefoot and sockfoot in everyone's houses here in canada. Its rude to leave ur shoes on and track in dirt, mud, snow, raijn. Yall gotta have some dirty ass floors in America. Lol. Some people who have lots of tile offer guests slippers in the winter thou...

  68. L LL

    L LLMonth ago

    Stiller can't hold a candle to Sebastian.. not even close

  69. Rick Hocutt

    Rick HocuttMonth ago

    And the light goes on for some when they realize after they come home from the grocery store, Corona Virus is all over the soles of their shoes and they just tracked it all over the living room floor.

  70. Mark Bass

    Mark Bass2 months ago

    Too funny

  71. Keven Ngo

    Keven Ngo2 months ago

    Some people wear shoes all day? I’m Asian so we grew up with no wearing shoes in the house or anyone else so that is a weird concept to me. Socks is ok

  72. Mike Stiffler

    Mike Stiffler2 months ago

    There’s four guys in a sock circle lol

  73. jeff carpentier

    jeff carpentier2 months ago

    Awesome. My new favorite comedian. Just blew shit out my nose.

  74. Francis

    Francis2 months ago

    Lol idgaf I’ll tell everyone to take off their Gahdamn shoes at the door. Don’t bring that outside dirt/bacteria into the house.

  75. Massabielle

    Massabielle2 months ago

    We grew up having to take our shoes off whenever we entered someone’s home, as a matter of respect, or we’d get a smack on the back of the head...............still do it, can still hear Ma telling me........😉

  76. Oblio1942

    Oblio19422 months ago

    What the fuck is this outfit?

  77. sinodamaster

    sinodamaster2 months ago

    “What do you think of ISIS?” “What do you think ABOUT PUTTING SOME SOCKS!” 😂😂 so funny

  78. Rainy M

    Rainy M2 months ago


  79. Shadreck Machingura

    Shadreck Machingura2 months ago

    Best comedian

  80. Mari-Liis J

    Mari-Liis J2 months ago

    Well the shoe thing yeah I can laugh about it, but in certain cultures it’s the norm. It is what it is. You come to my home, respect it.

  81. 28cosmos

    28cosmos2 months ago

    Don't your shoes get dirty moving around in town? How can you wear the same dirty shoes inside the house? Wear another pair if you have to!

  82. Lynn Vaughn

    Lynn Vaughn2 months ago

    "That bothered me" 🤣🤣🤣

  83. Melissa Streeter

    Melissa Streeter2 months ago

    I'm from California where barefoot means we're ready for the beach, but lived in Chicago 6 years, so this is Double Hilarious to me. Very brilliant stuff.

  84. Howard Ford

    Howard Ford2 months ago

    MAN! Me and this dude......Sebastian Maniscalco.....could NOT be any more different! "The shoes don't come off".......he says? MY shoes would be off in a NY minute...........and I'm napping on HIS couch 30 minutes after we arrive! Wake me up when it's time to eat! I make myself at home no matter where we go..........you don't like it, then don't invite me back! That's just the way I am.

  85. Carolina1

    Carolina12 months ago

    He's great, but I bet you a dollar he doesn't want piss & bacteria from parking lots in his house either!

  86. Ahmad Alkhansa

    Ahmad Alkhansa2 months ago

    He looks like al pacino with his resting face 😂

  87. Money Bags

    Money BagsMonth ago

    Lol I was thinking that same thing.

  88. James sk8

    James sk82 months ago

    His big toe is heading for the kitchen😂😂😂😂

  89. Zlatan Ibrahimovic

    Zlatan Ibrahimovic2 months ago

    Whats with americans and fucking shoes inside the house its not normal

  90. Mici Boo

    Mici Boo2 months ago

    That knock at the “why you got white carpet” is like Chapelle’s knock imitating cops knocking people’s head

  91. Mici Boo

    Mici Boo2 months ago

    When your mom licks her finger in public to scrape off toothpaste off your face. (And the rest of your day you smell like cigarette in third grade.)

  92. udelgrl

    udelgrl2 months ago

    He makes the smallest comments hilarious. Shoe farm just got to me more than bigger jokes

  93. Enkhtaivan Ganbat

    Enkhtaivan Ganbat2 months ago

    In Asia, it's weird to wear shoes at home, you wear it outside in public spaces, you don't know what kind of filth you might've stepped on, and you come home and wear at home?, where your kids might rollover while playing?..

  94. Margaret Mosca

    Margaret Mosca2 months ago

    White carpet in living room Moron

  95. John Kelly

    John Kelly2 months ago

    Still not funny

  96. GameCorner

    GameCorner2 months ago

    As a finn, taking your shoe off is the norm. If you walk into a strangers house here with shoes on, you will be greeted with shocked faces. :D

  97. 94liners Namhope

    94liners Namhope2 months ago

    I expect people to take off their shoes in my house... also there's indoor slippers waiting for them at the door. I do the same thing in my friend's houses.

  98. The Dwight Mamba

    The Dwight Mamba2 months ago

    His shirt in this special... That bothered me.

  99. jkgrote

    jkgrote2 months ago

    One time I was asked to remove my shoes, I haven't been back......

  100. Robb

    Robb2 months ago

    Loved it, thankyou Bello

  101. Barbra Bass

    Barbra Bass2 months ago

    I actually thought of Ben Stiller when I was watching him

  102. PatrickCervantez

    PatrickCervantez2 months ago

    If I'm at somebody else's house and I see someone who I don't know without any socks on... I'm just going to walk home. I don't care if I'm across the country, a'ight I'mma head out.

  103. Tango Bango

    Tango Bango3 months ago

    Title of his new Comedy Album...’That Bothers Me!’

  104. Andrey Kivokurtsev

    Andrey Kivokurtsev3 months ago

    What's that all about with taking of the shoes?

  105. Jonathan Novelo Escalera

    Jonathan Novelo Escalera3 months ago

    he moves like an italian katt williams