There was no naps growing up in my house...

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  1. SugarPhantom

    SugarPhantom9 hours ago

    Ah we always had the S cookies in the house growing up! We especially had it with the “cawffee” and the Entenmann's when company came over!

  2. Chris

    Chris11 hours ago

    he called his parents these people lmfao

  3. jewelleryaddict

    jewelleryaddict22 hours ago

    Polish upbringing same, 8 watch tv cartoon Saturday, turn off and help mom clean house. Xmas maybe pair jammies. Not poor but all we got. Life in 50s not as great as tv shows.

  4. Jeff Kerr

    Jeff KerrDay ago

    This guy is really funny and accurate about growing up. I was raised that way as well but irish. Get up early, no sleeping in. Had chores, a job early in life. But for sure his lunches were way better than mine. But comedy aside I can say it made me a better person.

  5. Nathan M.

    Nathan M.Day ago

    I've watched this clip several times and it still makes me laugh. He doesn't even need to say anything funny; his mannerisms slay me.

  6. Evelyn

    EvelynDay ago


  7. Waka Waka Abby

    Waka Waka AbbyDay ago

    2 houses down- yeah dog 😅

  8. E Dab

    E DabDay ago

    Lmaooooo "S cookies" AKA compressed cardboard powder in the shape of an S.


    DEGOLYER FILMS2 days ago

    title - 🙄👎🏼 no brains 👉🏼🤯 either

  10. Amanda Hirschfeld

    Amanda Hirschfeld4 days ago

    Omg he kills me🤣🤣🤣🤣

  11. Luke Houghton

    Luke Houghton4 days ago

    man i wish i had his lunch growing up.

  12. The Ultra Warrior

    The Ultra Warrior4 days ago

    Probably the best and who I can relate to the most. Be blessed

  13. Jeff Bruce

    Jeff Bruce5 days ago

    Where are the jokes? Its just cliche guido horseshit.

  14. Lance Lote

    Lance Lote6 days ago

    But Sicily is part of Italy: same government, same flag... the way he speaks it seems like it’s another country.its not. Just another region!

  15. Olivia B

    Olivia B2 days ago

    Italians have very different dialects depending on the region, especially Sicilians. The more you know...

  16. Malcolm Texxx

    Malcolm Texxx7 days ago

    I never was into naps... always felt like i was missing out on something.. NEVER REALLY DID.. lol but especially as a kid, once the sun came up, i was on my bike until it the street lights came on..

  17. Caleb Fox

    Caleb Fox9 days ago

    He not funny at all

  18. squidman22

    squidman229 days ago

    Betting his spouse and children take naps.

  19. Amaze Cat

    Amaze Cat9 days ago

    Of course he didn’t take naps he’s been drinking coffee since 3rd grade!😂

  20. Starling Swallow

    Starling Swallow10 days ago

    "Anybody want S cookies? I got S cookies!"

  21. James Mcbrier

    James Mcbrier9 days ago

    stella dora. my sicilian mom bought those. also 230 pm pasta dinner on sundays after church.

  22. Starling Swallow

    Starling Swallow10 days ago

    💕 *I LOVE NAPS* 💕

  23. Carrie Hallahan

    Carrie Hallahan11 days ago

    Sooooo.... both his parents are Italians?

  24. Myth Detector

    Myth Detector15 days ago

    The priest really meant "we pay funerals and settlements".

  25. jjiacobucci

    jjiacobucci17 days ago

    It’s so true !

  26. AvengeVoltaire

    AvengeVoltaire18 days ago

    bill bur voices and antics

  27. Hope Harrison

    Hope Harrison19 days ago

    "Ma, they don't sell coffee in the lunch room I'm in third grade" . hahahahhahahah :)

  28. wind10miko

    wind10miko19 days ago

    Been working for free since I was 8 too 🤣

  29. bob scar

    bob scar21 day ago

    Still not funny

  30. 007

    00721 day ago

    My mugger would send me to school with Tortellini in a thermos or chicken cutlets with these rolls my uncle would get at some Italian deli in the Bronx to make a huge sandwich. Nobody eats like Italians or even close. These traditions are not going to hold up and it's a shame. Being back Italian house wives!

  31. Digging for Apples

    Digging for Apples21 day ago

    There WERE no naps.

  32. Dino Scarsella

    Dino Scarsella21 day ago

    S cookies...Classic

  33. lucas vigliotti

    lucas vigliotti21 day ago

    Lmao😂 this is classic

  34. David Bell

    David Bell22 days ago


  35. Ronin

    Ronin22 days ago

    The way it should be Now we baby our kids and they are all whiney bitches.

  36. emad kassim

    emad kassim22 days ago

    You are the best stand up comedy. No one like you, never

  37. AnswerHazyTryAgainLater AHTAL

    AnswerHazyTryAgainLater AHTAL23 days ago

    Very funny. I'm Jewish and typically sensitive (some would say oversensitive) to even hints of antisemitism, and even though the subject matter of the bit was one of the holiest Jewish holidays, I didn't think it was at all offensive. Why is this night different from other nights? Well, for one thing it's definitely not your typical "dinner". It's certainly not the dinner you want to go if you're really hungry- love the two hour pamphlet shtick! He actually missed a couple of tricks- Italians don't just love but require bread with their meals but for Passover, the whole house has been scrubbed clean of chametz including any trace of leavened bread; and some of the traditional foods are deliberately bitter to commemorate the bitterness of bondage, etc. I agree that Jewish cuisine doesn't hold a candle to Italian overall, but there are many wonderful Jewish dishes in our cooking for everyday life as opposed to the ritual foods consumed at various points in the calendar.

  38. Nancy Winslow

    Nancy Winslow23 days ago

    He's hysterical, my up bringing for sure I love this guy!!!!!!!!!

  39. ArcangeloSports NOS

    ArcangeloSports NOS23 days ago

    Anybody want some S cookies? Anyone want Stella Doro? You can dip them in coffee? Shit this hits home a bit. Especially when he says “S” cookies cause that’s what I called them when I was little

  40. lisa hobbs

    lisa hobbs23 days ago

    Lol the Italian lunch! My friend Rosie ‘s grandma straight from Italy always pack lunch for me in high school! Love that family!

  41. Winnie Angeline

    Winnie Angeline24 days ago

    "I'll pack you some coffee then"

  42. CNMP MP

    CNMP MP24 days ago

    Love 'S' cookies!!

  43. Memo

    Memo25 days ago

    Yo it's been a while since I laughed this hard. USlikes has some weird algorithms lol.

  44. Abraham Cardenas

    Abraham Cardenas26 days ago

    Hahaha my friend and I are mexican and I went over to his house to hang out and I ended up helping his dad put cement for his driveway.

  45. Ruza Hel

    Ruza Hel26 days ago

    You have packed lunch, it’s embarrassing but so heartwarming :”)

  46. Francesco D'Ambra

    Francesco D'Ambra26 days ago

    To a T!

  47. Ala De Pollo

    Ala De Pollo27 days ago

    Love it 💕💕💕💕. And can soo relate on 0 gifts and working since 8. 🤣🤣👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  48. Tim Duvall

    Tim Duvall27 days ago

    8 hell I was 6 caddying for a airforce general in anchorage.Hey 5 dollars in the 60s and it had a pull cart.Didnt open my mouth for 18 holes.

  49. Sean Poletynski

    Sean Poletynski28 days ago

    S cookies are so good tho

  50. Jessica Oursland

    Jessica Oursland28 days ago

    "I'll pack you some coffee then" I needed my mom to do that for me.

  51. Ginny Mileto

    Ginny MiletoMonth ago

    Love Sebastian!! So funny and dead on with his stories about being Italian!! ♥️♥️love him!!

  52. Roberto Ortiz

    Roberto OrtizMonth ago

    Sicilian is Italian!!!??

  53. Pia Jara

    Pia JaraMonth ago

    "Im in 3rd grade" lol

  54. Tuhi Tuhi

    Tuhi TuhiMonth ago

    You know home cooked food is a blessing.

  55. tmd18

    tmd18Month ago

    Not sure who came first, but if you muted this and jo koys special they both move very similarly

  56. Grisel Olivero

    Grisel OliveroMonth ago

    Dip those in coffee🤣

  57. kituwahband

    kituwahbandMonth ago

    My aunt is Sicilian, you don't call her Italian. You do, she sets you straight!

  58. Free As A Butterfly

    Free As A ButterflyMonth ago

    My mom and dad wished I would have taken a nap as a little girl way too much energy. That sounds like my dad volunteer what no you are not getting paid that's a waste of time.

  59. Free As A Butterfly

    Free As A ButterflyMonth ago

    Only old people nap.

  60. Lisa Luster

    Lisa LusterMonth ago

    Momma is sicilian and daddy is italian. Grew up im bensonhurt. 18th and bay ridge parkway ya heard.

  61. Ramona M

    Ramona MMonth ago

    Hahahaha 🤣 😆

  62. Ramona M

    Ramona MMonth ago

    Thank you I needed that wholesome laughter.

  63. Jim Hayes

    Jim HayesMonth ago

    "You're probably exhausted go on upstairs refresh until you're good and ready to operate your day" lmfao

  64. Diane Morgan

    Diane MorganMonth ago

    best comedian EVER!!!

  65. Clay Sletta

    Clay SlettaMonth ago

    Damn, I am privileged rich and happy as fuck. But wouldn’t have it any other way.

  66. YONCE 8701

    YONCE 8701Month ago

    😅😂😂😂😂😂 UR DAD'S A LEGEND

  67. Kurt Rickerd

    Kurt RickerdMonth ago

    Gawd knows we need some laughs right now during this phony baloney tyrannical plandemic.

  68. City Nat

    City NatMonth ago

    🤣 Mexicans and Italians are so similar man! I was put to work at age 8 too- was selling bras to older ladies at the swap meet! Lol No one wanted my lunches, my mom would pack traditional home cooked Mexican food- albóndigas (meatball soup), fideo (pasta soup), burritos with stews, cucumber slices with chili powder+ lemon. Anytime we complained about anything they would tell us they were going to send us to work in the fields in the summer so that we could really have something to complain about! 🤣

  69. Kamal Shariff

    Kamal ShariffMonth ago

    Sebastian Maniscalco is a genius. Stories we can all relate to even if we didn't experience them personally. A comedic genius.

  70. Fatima Ahmed

    Fatima AhmedMonth ago

    SCARFACE Do Standup !!!!!!

  71. kathieh9

    kathieh9Month ago

    Him and Ben stiller need to make a movie

  72. Jennifer Shanahan

    Jennifer ShanahanMonth ago

    Stella Dora S cookies, every Italian household had those around including mine, and the fresh cannolis on the weekends. It’s required 😁

  73. Toshea Collier

    Toshea CollierMonth ago

    " Dip The Cookie In Coffee" Ma, they don't serve coffee in lunch. I'm in 3rd Grade. 😭😭 So me when , I use to pack lunch for my daughter. Sigh. The good old days. Now, I'm cooking during lunch. 🤔

  74. Dee 07

    Dee 07Month ago

    I needed to hear this today, I am laughing so much I am in tears. I can relate to this I am half Sicilian and Italian. There was no naps in my house growing up, I thought I was the only one who has experience this. 🤣😂

  75. Robert Tighe

    Robert TigheMonth ago

    Yup!! No naps allowed. We were told we could sleep when we are dead. And if we had pain we had to walk it off.

  76. Shawna Graham

    Shawna GrahamMonth ago

    Exactly my upbringing, literally everything he said

  77. Frank Anthony

    Frank AnthonyMonth ago

    oh man S cookies are amazing

  78. Jeff Seery

    Jeff SeeryMonth ago

    Stole Dice's shtick, but whatever.

  79. G. Photogirl

    G. PhotogirlMonth ago

    This guy is a comic genius. I'd love to see him on a double bill with Vic DiBitetto from Jersey. 🤣🤣

  80. LSYagami

    LSYagamiMonth ago

    Jo Koy kind of vibe

  81. Belinda Rawlings

    Belinda RawlingsMonth ago

    I’m totally addicted 😂🤣🤣 This is totally laugh out loud and relatable .... we can visualise everything he talks about ... and then he gets moving .... hilarious ... genius🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾 Gold! Dad can we get a dog🐕🐩😂🤣🤣🤣

  82. Khurram Mazhar Amir

    Khurram Mazhar AmirMonth ago

    even his dad laughs at his jokes 🤣 0:21

  83. EllyJackson'sGirl

    EllyJackson'sGirlMonth ago

    “.....I’m in 3rd grade...”

  84. Callum Kenny

    Callum KennyMonth ago

    This guys entire act "Haha, I'm from Italian immigrants, haha. I grew up middle-class but also poor. My parents made do chores. Haha. Did you know I'm Italian?".

  85. cheryl noori

    cheryl nooriMonth ago

    So funny!

  86. Mondo Shredder

    Mondo ShredderMonth ago

    He killed me right away with "half Sicilian, half Italian", but his Mom offering to pack him coffee for his 3rd grade lunch was too much. If you've ever been blessed with the experience of bona fide Cafe Italiano, you'd realize why that one hurt so much...

  87. Jabattack gaming

    Jabattack gamingMonth ago

    1:49 my name is Justin and that was so relatable 🤣🤣

  88. Prospect Film Room

    Prospect Film RoomMonth ago

    Mangia cakes will never ever ever understand. It's literally another universe having immigrant parents. But to us as kids it was totally normal

  89. Nobody

    NobodyMonth ago

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  90. Nobody

    NobodyMonth ago

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  91. Silver Girl

    Silver GirlMonth ago

    Veal Piccata, Stella Dora!!! 😂

  92. Imaim

    ImaimMonth ago

    Great video. I am kindA confused why sicily isn’t considered as a part of italy? Is this common in the us?

  93. A Fera

    A FeraMonth ago

    Forza italia!!!!

  94. Frank The Tank

    Frank The TankMonth ago


  95. havemercy 05

    havemercy 05Month ago

    I would have taken those s cookies in a heart beat !!!

  96. Dallas Biggz

    Dallas BiggzMonth ago

    It's "were" no naps. Learn how to speaka da Inglisha!

  97. Riri Riri

    Riri RiriMonth ago

    Omg the S cookies we still dip them in coffee today

  98. JD

    JDMonth ago

    My upbringing in a Latino household was scarily similar to this lol. Started working when I was 13 and my dad didn’t take no for an answer

  99. Dujana Ebrahim

    Dujana EbrahimMonth ago

    COFFEE ☕

  100. 1relentless3

    1relentless3Month ago

    Once you were up, you were up.

  101. Mia bear

    Mia bearMonth ago

    I have Italian and Jewish family on my father’s side. Love them to pieces. ❤️

  102. Billy Peterson

    Billy PetersonMonth ago

    "Do they pay you for this?" Was my mom, my whole life. 😂