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A few years ago I was worried about dying because I had dry hands - wow do I miss the old days.


  1. Sayit AsItIs

    Sayit AsItIs4 days ago

    Made me laugh because yesterday I went to a Caribbean pharmacy for antibiotics and didn't want the half hour wait. So I told them I was on my last legs and if they weren't quick I might not make it through this dark tunnel to actually get to take the med's. They were quick - super quick. I don't think they want corpses on their floors as it's maybe bad for business.

  2. cynthia corona

    cynthia corona4 days ago

    My daughter manages a Walgreens and she says he’s spot on

  3. Nick Sacco

    Nick Sacco5 days ago

    As if walking around Walgreens was similar to touring Europe

  4. Stephen Scribbles

    Stephen Scribbles9 days ago

    The lady in the background gives me life

  5. Southern Sass

    Southern Sass15 days ago

    I'm Lmao! Fa real 😂🤣🤣

  6. Chubbs57181

    Chubbs5718116 days ago

    2:30 just like COVID, 4ft from someone you could get infected! 6 ft from another person you’re magically safe!

  7. Lana H

    Lana H17 days ago

    Great comic love it! Well ahhh I’m a pharmacist and I understand you . There’s always work behind the counter but if I have a waiter I usually push them up front . Is this is what you are looking for Sebastian? Love your comic genius

  8. Joe Kurtz

    Joe Kurtz18 days ago

    Many times the "Cure" is worse than the symptoms. With hideous side effects.

  9. christi crenshaw

    christi crenshaw19 days ago

    Exactly. Why the hell does it take that long to put pills in a bottle.

  10. TheLizardp

    TheLizardp19 days ago


  11. Bailey BEAR22

    Bailey BEAR2219 days ago

    You have no idea. Wtf it takes to be a pharmacist. Hey asshole my Pharmacists go to hell. We go through absolute hell to take care of you dick holes.

  12. denise salt

    denise salt23 days ago

    I love Sebastian. Just meeting Sebastian but loving him. Definitely binge-worthy.

  13. Stark Industries

    Stark Industries23 days ago

    So true! 😂

  14. Ozybeastias

    Ozybeastias24 days ago

    So I actually work at a pharmacy, and I can tell if there is a problem, 95% of the time it isn’t our fault. Either the doctor’s office haven’t sent in the prescription, or (and this is the large majority of the problems) something about the price because the person’s insurance company is weird. But when we try to explain, some of this idiots gets mad at us! Like we are drug gods and we decide every specific detail of a prescription.

  15. klam77

    klam7724 days ago

    Don't p**s off the pharma bro......he put the jimi janga in your medicine.....!

  16. pamela morrison

    pamela morrison24 days ago

    The line lol

  17. Saul Amezcua

    Saul Amezcua25 days ago

    Top five standup of all time

  18. Paul Urbanski

    Paul Urbanski26 days ago

    Pharmacists actually sometimes do compounding in the pharmacy, ie, making the prescription

  19. sosita sosita

    sosita sosita27 days ago

    I am a pharmacist and I approve this message!

  20. Saul Goodman

    Saul Goodman28 days ago

    I can’t wait for you to come to my town !

  21. Pam Bradley

    Pam BradleyMonth ago

    This guy I ❤️❤️❤️❤️. His comedy is everyday life with no profanity. It’s hilariously refreshing and when I’m watching him, his facial expressions, his voice inflections, I cannot stop laughing 😂 😂. The stand right here part literally had me peeing myself!!! LOLOL

  22. I am a human bean

    I am a human beanMonth ago

    reminds me of Kramer (Seinfeld)

  23. moon jewelz1

    moon jewelz1Month ago

    Omg 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  24. Agent Bernstein

    Agent BernsteinMonth ago

    Hahah I love this guy

  25. Hello Hello

    Hello HelloMonth ago

    He’s funny but as a pharmacist I want to strangle him

  26. DB7TV

    DB7TVMonth ago

    I have a problem with my hands being dry, my fingers are still in tact tho

  27. thebaddog410

    thebaddog410Month ago

    Them telling you to take a walk around the store is a sales tactic so you might purchase something you don't need.

  28. Live 15:13

    Live 15:13Month ago

    Life is ...

  29. Jason Grevy

    Jason GrevyMonth ago

    People really do suck, its why i love him and Bill Burr. They go off on how stupid this country is.

  30. note importa

    note importaMonth ago

    the girl who laughed the hardest at the end is the one who gonorrhea before

  31. Dianne Meyer

    Dianne MeyerMonth ago

    My world got better when I discovered Sebastian.

  32. InnerIntel /Mary L Roberts

    InnerIntel /Mary L RobertsMonth ago

    L🌹ve this man! Hilarious 😂

  33. MiketheYung God

    MiketheYung GodMonth ago

    Where you going? Google? 🤓😆

  34. Lee Kersey

    Lee KerseyMonth ago

    Very true. I think Wal-Mart makes you walk around the store so you'll spend money

  35. Degrees Below

    Degrees BelowMonth ago

    So the truth is, in the pharamacy there may only be 2 people in the line, but that doesn't account for the 100 scripts sent in by doctors, 20 people who just went through the drive thru, the one tech on the phone with a insurance company, and the pharmacist giving someone a flu shot, so yes you may be the only person in line. But we are still very busy

  36. Pogo & Ozzy's World

    Pogo & Ozzy's WorldMonth ago

    They make you walk so you can shop around and make walgreens more money

  37. jackiepaper426

    jackiepaper426Month ago

    Because the pharmacy isn’t a fast food restaurant.

  38. P T

    P TMonth ago

    The ignorance the general public has toward pharmacies is unreal. This guy seriously highlights it. Yes, there are people ahead of you. Probably 50 to 100 people ahead of you. Electronic prescriptions being sent in every minute, prescriptions left over voicemail, transfers, insurance, non-stop phone calls from patients asking questions, drive thru, vaccines, paperwork, tasks, constant inventory of controlled medications. The filing process only takes 30 seconds for each patient, but you’re in a line of at least 50 to be filled and then it goes to the line of prescriptions to be verified by the RPH. But before all that, it’s in a line to be entered and typed into the system and to be processed through insurance. These steps take time. If there is any minor mistake, the DEA and state board will knock down our doors, run audits and suspend our license to work. Incredibly stressful environment. Not to mention the big chains understaff and overwork. We have double the volume and half the staff of what pharmacies use to have 10 years ago. Chains put patient safety at risk because they value profit more.

  39. aery

    aeryMonth ago

    As a pharm tech this is the most spot on thing ever!

  40. buddybahama

    buddybahamaMonth ago

    The best!

  41. Bill Levins

    Bill LevinsMonth ago

    2:30 he was unknowingly talking about social distancing before it was a thing.

  42. Ghost_Hat_Beats

    Ghost_Hat_Beats2 months ago

    He sounds like Rex from Toy Story kinda

  43. Sanja Vero

    Sanja Vero2 months ago

    Adore you hahahaha ❤️

  44. stephen st.clair

    stephen st.clair2 months ago

    N ter tay ner.

  45. Edmund Lestari

    Edmund Lestari2 months ago

    im a big fan of you and im a pharmacist. I just got off work. So let me explain why it takes 25 minutes lol. 1. the clerk needs to type in the prescription (if there is missing information or if it's narcotic, we have to verify with the doctor. and It's the law. If it is controlled medication, and missing doctor name or signature or the prescription was not "checked" it is federal law that we cannot fill it) keep in mind in regular days, the clerk has 10-15 scripts to type at any second, so we are already behind. 2. Technician needs to pull the medication, make sure we carry the meds and fill it. This might take 10 minutes or more since normal pharmacy could fill from 200-500 Rx per day. 3. Pharmacist has to verify the final check. We have to check if the prescription is right, if it's covered by your insurance, and other things to avoid insurance fraud, drug interactions, and other things to prevent any errors in dispensing, It's a daily thing that Pharmacist has to be on the phone with another doctor, then working on verifying other patient prescription, and other things. We always multitask. It may seem that we just count pills but it takes more than that. I worked as a clerk, a technician and a pharmacist now. I hope this helps everyone understand why it takes so long. And we always appreciate it when patients understand because we want to help you as fast as possible but we do not want to jeopardize your or the other patients safety. We live from paycheck to paycheck like everyone else too so please be nice to your pharmacist. Thanks :)

  46. Nate V

    Nate V2 months ago

    "The Master". My favorite comedian! 2. Brian Regan 3. Jim Gaffigan

  47. LibertyMatrix

    LibertyMatrix2 months ago

    *That's why the Pharmacy is always located in the back of the store. Just add a waiting consumer and you've got SALES!*

  48. S H

    S H2 months ago

    He is best comedian around these days. Men in comedy can be toxic, not him. He has a cool wife and family and kicks ass on stage.

  49. Joel Bresko

    Joel Bresko2 months ago

    I love this guy

  50. Derick spawn

    Derick spawn2 months ago


  51. Lala C

    Lala C2 months ago

    😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 he is absolutely right!

  52. TayR0C

    TayR0C2 months ago

    Same In Canada. I had to wait 45 minutes for Naproxen when I could've just bought Aleve over the counter which is the same damn thing. Naproxen: 70 bucks, Aleve:20 bucks.

  53. Jennie Daniels

    Jennie DanielsMonth ago

    OTC is a lower than what is RX. You to take more than 2 OTC to equal 1 RX strength.

  54. illuminating Movements

    illuminating Movements2 months ago

    On point and still hitting my funny bone

  55. Lernie Wojack

    Lernie Wojack2 months ago

    Great routine I am sure we can all relate going to the pharmacy

  56. Angel Wild

    Angel Wild2 months ago

    This guy is the next “big thing” in the world of comedians for sure! You rock Sebastian!! 😁👍✌️☺️😆

  57. Digging for Apples

    Digging for Apples28 days ago

    The next big thing? He bought Gwen Stefani's prior home in LA for 21 million and he has a houseman on his staff. A houseman. You know anyone who's got a houseman?

  58. AmanOU2be

    AmanOU2be2 months ago

    You are wrong, but in a good way. He was the highest paid comedian at one point in the last few years.

  59. Sanchayan Deka

    Sanchayan Deka2 months ago

    Literally everytime I need a good laugh, I stumble upon this genius of a guy!

  60. Three Guys & an Appetite

    Three Guys & an Appetite2 months ago

    Was anyone at this show? That woman's high pitched laugh would've ruined the show for me.

  61. Roman Mcghee

    Roman Mcghee2 months ago

    Another chi-town great comedian. He joins the likes of Richard Pryor, Robin Harris, and the Great Bernie Mack.

  62. Terese Urzo

    Terese Urzo3 months ago

    He's INSANE what he comes up with But he is so HYSTERICAL 🤣

  63. Swagger Tt

    Swagger Tt3 months ago

    Wait so u mean to tell me they don’t make da medication in da bacc lmfaooooooo😂😂😂I love dis man😂😂😂😂

  64. Santa Collins

    Santa Collins3 months ago


  65. Tommy2 Buttz

    Tommy2 Buttz3 months ago

    Currently viewed by 358 pharmacists and one Karen

  66. Chris Gagnon

    Chris Gagnon3 months ago

    Omg when I go to my drug store they make me wait 45 min. Lol 😂

  67. Always Aim Higher

    Always Aim Higher3 months ago

    If Ben Stiller had a twin, this would be him.

  68. tracey boilini

    tracey boilini3 months ago

    The Pharmacy stuff is so right on!!!!

  69. Italiano Gas passer

    Italiano Gas passer3 months ago

    Love him. When he talks about his family Reminds me of mine. Good Italian American upbringing!


    EVIE ILES3 months ago


  71. Matthews Life Crisis

    Matthews Life Crisis3 months ago

    Corona season in a nutshell.

  72. Lisa Washington

    Lisa Washington3 months ago

    OMG, this guy makes me pee on myself (just a little) each and every time🤣🤣🤣🤣

  73. Margaret Mosca

    Margaret Mosca3 months ago

    Cvs is better

  74. Margaret Mosca

    Margaret Mosca3 months ago

    This video is one of favorites lol

  75. JAXON 1212

    JAXON 12123 months ago

    You make me laugh SO much! You're Awesome! 💞😊

  76. Margaret Mosca

    Margaret Mosca3 months ago

    Cvs is the best

  77. Margaret Mosca

    Margaret Mosca3 months ago

    Cvs no problems

  78. Isabelle Rozycki

    Isabelle Rozycki3 months ago

    For the people who click on thumbs down they don’t know shit. Sebastian is amazing.

  79. alexisdd1992

    alexisdd19923 months ago

    They want you to buy some shit! I ended up buying decorative pillows there one time waiting for an rx. Felt like an asshole when I got home and realized what I had just done 😂

  80. firenzenera

    firenzenera3 months ago

    This guy is good :)

  81. Shamus McShane

    Shamus McShane3 months ago

    This is the special that began his ascendency to super stardom .. this, the Prince & door bell bits a pure gold

  82. Racist Princess

    Racist Princess4 months ago

    hes so on point with everything...🤣🤣🤣

  83. Beverly Seward

    Beverly Seward4 months ago

    I love this guy, too funny for real.

  84. Beverly Seward

    Beverly Seward4 months ago

    OMG I use Walgreens pharmacy too and he is dead on. Just goes to show that they tell everybody the same bs. I finally asked why do I have to wait when the pills are right there. Always people ahead of you (unseen to the naked eye) and they have to check your information/insurance.

  85. Janet Hill

    Janet Hill4 months ago

    I honestly thought Chemists were making the tablets, too 😂

  86. Ryan Davis

    Ryan Davis4 months ago

    This was pretty funny to watch lol because I work in a pharmacy. It always seems as simple as putting a label on the medication then in a bottle and boom.. Done. But not that simple. Putting the prescription in the system and through insurance takes about 5 minutes. Occasionally, the prescription has to be confirmed with the doc who wrote it. Another 5 minutes. And other times, insurance companies wanna be difficult with how the prescription should be billed. That can be 10 minutes or more. And then people who came in before you to get their prescriptions makes the wait a bit longer. So it can be anywhere from a 5 minute wait to about 20-25. All depends.

  87. noprofile

    noprofile4 months ago

    It is because pharmacist earn lots of income from all the goods they sell at the pharmacy, like smaller supermarket but 25% min higher prices.

  88. Jennie Daniels

    Jennie DanielsMonth ago

    Uh, no they don't.

  89. Betterthantelly

    Betterthantelly4 months ago

    This guy is brilliant.

  90. loc power

    loc power4 months ago

    This guy could make anything funny

  91. Jesse Judah

    Jesse Judah4 months ago

    You are a funny man Sebastian. What a gift 🙋‍♂️👍❤🔥💪✌

  92. Mark Maiuri

    Mark Maiuri4 months ago

    There's never a time you don't laugh when he's on stage!

  93. Laura Nilsen

    Laura Nilsen4 months ago

    Love him

  94. Frk K

    Frk K4 months ago

    311 pharmacists gave this a thumbs down. Thanks for the laughs!

  95. Gina

    Gina5 months ago

    He's the best funny as hell 😂

  96. Holden

    Holden5 months ago

    This guy's the master of stand up without resorting to crudeness or profanity.

  97. Purple Music - Prince Piano Covers

    Purple Music - Prince Piano Covers5 months ago

    Sebastian is such a gem, beyond funny, and his deliveries and how he animates his material, truly second to none. I have been a huge fan of his since his first stand up special on Netflix, he never disappoints. His success is VERY well deserved.

  98. Danny Salas

    Danny Salas5 months ago

    This Guy is Funny af lol

  99. freedom dove

    freedom dove5 months ago

    ROFLMAO. 🤣🤣🤣


    OGHUVWU BLESSING5 months ago

    REPENT, for JESUS CHRIST IS REAL and HE LOVES you so much. Read the Bible and Pray regularly and daily. Praise JESUS CHRIST!

  101. Cynthia Cronin

    Cynthia Cronin5 months ago

    It's right there! Hahahaha 😂 🤣!

  102. deanski snow

    deanski snow5 months ago

    he is great. +intense

  103. Will Gosfield

    Will Gosfield5 months ago

    Everytime it gets to, "And in my head I'm like, I think I'm DYin", I lose it.

  104. Rosalba hamer

    Rosalba hamer5 months ago

    No matter how often i watch this im in stitches😂🤣😃😄😅


    MOON MY VILLA5 months ago